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Jan. 1st, 2010

Helen text

Tesla and Snow

So I'm in Cleveland at the moment, visiting relatives out here. Just spent the whole day in the car, yay. Of course the minute I took my turn driving it turned into a white out, so I got to enjoy the worst of the weather. Luckily, being new year's day, there weren't many cars out on the road.

And now I'm tucked in a random corner of my grandma's living room because it's the only place in her apartment that I can get a decent wireless internet signal, hahaha. Me and my technology.

It's snowing out though, and really pretty.

So I started reading the novel "The Invention of Everything Else" by Samantha Hunt. It's about Nikola Tesla. And so far it's fantastic. And I'm only in like 2 chapters so far.

I also have come to the conclusion, after studying him for the past six months or so, that I love Tesla (well, in the way one slightly crazy college girl could love a really crazy dead inventor). I don't think enough people give this man the respect he deserves, so I'm overcompensating. <3 Maybe I should start a Tesla fangirl club or something. We can have a pigeon as our mascot and no one will be allowed to wear pearl earrings.

Or something.

Dec. 16th, 2009

Helen text


tagged by shelma32

FIRST: If you've been tagged, you must write your answers in your own LJ and replace any question that you dislike with a new, original question.

SECOND: Tag eight people. (Yeah, whatever, if you're reading this...tag you're it.)

1. Who sleeps in bed next to you?
My stuffed tiger and unicorn.

2. What did you last eat?
Brownie with m&ms on it.

3. What kinds of books do you read?
Mostly textbooks/novels for school. In my freetime...anything, really.

4. What are you reading right now?
"The Meaning of Night" by Michael Cox

5. If you could be anywhere right now, where would it be?
Home, in Milwaukee.

6. Tell me something interesting that happened today.
Totally changed something dramatic about my appearance. I'm trying to surprise my parents, so don't tell them, shhhh.

7. Name some odd items within three feet of you.
*looks around* printed out picture of Helen Magnus, baggie full of Latin vocabulary flashcards, poem I wrote about Nikola Tesla...stapler shaped like a dragon...

8. What's your current fandom obsession/addiction?
Sanctuary. Fangirl worshiping Amanda Tapping.

9. What did you really want to do today that you didn't?
Hmmm...study for my history final. Haha. Not. Write a story, I guess. or get some reading done.

10. What are you most excited for?
Going home for winter break!!!!

11. What websites do you always visit when you go online?
Livejournal, syfy.com...

12. What was the last thing you bought?
Uhhhhhmmmmmm...index cards, orange mango juice, microwaveable campbells chicken noodle soup.

13.What do you want right now, off the top of your head?
To live in the Sanctuary. And be BFF's with Helen Magnus.

14. What's your biggest procrastination method?
Besides staring out the window? Playing bejewelled blitz on Facebook.

15. Are there any bits of childhood you miss?
The innocence, not having to worry about life.

16. Spring, summer, fall, or winter?

17. Say something to/about the person/s who tagged you.
We've written some pretty epic adventures for Helen and Henry together. They're stuck on a boat at the moment ;)

Dec. 4th, 2009

shut up or i&#39;ll put you in my novel

So, life...FML.

I just realized, I always go on about how much I want that romantic sort of starving artist lifestyle, living in a tiny apartment and struggling to get my stories done on time...and right now I think the fates or whatever the hell is up there, are testing my resolve. I'm low on cash, living in a small room, and struggling to get all my writing done on time. Yeah not so romantic at the moment. But then again I don't have a cute artistic boyfriend who works in a coffee shop and plays some musical instrument.

Long story short, this week is going to be such hell. My two actual final exams are going to feel like a welcome relief after this. Lets see...

I have readings to do for History and English (those are on wed. and thur.) Papers due for both of those by thursday. Long papers. Long, research papers.
I have a two page short play scene to do for Creative writing on friday.
I have my portfolio for creative writing on friday (revising a short story, two poems and a short play)
I have reviewing for latin to do.
And I somehow have to fit work in there so I can have enough money to buy textbooks for next semester...

Good news? Uhm, my creative writing teacher thinks I'm a really good writer and I've got what it takes to be a novelist. And apparently my poems were so good she had to take them to one of her poet friends to get some advice on critiquing them (I wasn't the only one in the class, but that was still nice to hear). So I may not be able to contain stories into a short format, but I think she has faith in me. It's always nice to be told by a published author that you're a good writer :3 I'll just focus on that, try to find the other good things in my life...

I'm going home soon...
I beat NaNoWriMo and now have a 51,000+ word, 73 page novel waiting for my love and attention.
It's almost the holidays.
I have wonderful, loving friends that keep me smiling even on my worst days (*sniff sniff*)
Sanctuary tonight!!! So excited. I'm going through withdrawal, I swear. I need more of Amanda Tapping's amazing acting.

Nov. 22nd, 2009

busy vala


Wow, it's thanksgiving break time already, definitely can't believe that. This semester's flown by, I've been so busy. I'm happy for next week because I only have two days of class, but a little unhappy because that means I'm only getting in like 4 hours at work...This is definitely a point in the year when I need all the fricken hours I can get so I can actually, you know, pay for food and textbooks. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I can get in some hours at the gallery over winter break. As much as I'd love to just kick back and relax, not an option...

So I actually got out and did things this weekend! Went to a pretty fun party on Friday night and saw "New Moon" on Saturday. That was just amusing and one giant fangasm the entire time. Chris Heyerdahl = love, and I want to have Carlisle's babies. Yes. I also probably spent way too much, after the movie tickets there was also dinner to consider...whatever. I'll just watch myself this week.

Then I spent all of today working on homework, and still have quite a bit to go yet. Have to get a little more done on the presentation of my essay proposal for my lit class, and study for latin, and get started reading that Nietzsche stuff for History. *asplode* God, please let me fly through that project at work tomorrow so I can have time to work on some of this during the day...

I'm starting to get utterly worried terrified about this summer. Seriously. If I could get that internship at the publishing company out here that would be so fantastic, but if I don't I'm not exactly sure what I'll do. I could still stay out here and keep doing my work study job over the summer, which doesn't pay great but it would be something, or I could try my chances back in Milwaukee which isn't great because it's about downright impossible for an out of town college student to get a summer job there. ARGH lahdflkshdjiweprnmxvksjrwjr!!!

And it may sound weird but I kinda hope Amanda Tapping isn't going to be at the Stargate Convention in Chicago this year, because I won't feel that utter heart crushing fangirl death sensation when I realize that I can't afford to go. ARGH iadflkweprioilckasdhfwer!!!!!!

Uhm...and yeah, Thanksgivng break is going to be consumed with finishing NaNoWriMo and me writing my 8-10 page short play for Creative Writing. Still not quite sure what I want to do it on, I've had a couple people say i should do something about Tesla. I have taken that into great consideration....

I really, really want it to be winter break. Oh yeah, winter break with someone around to give me a ride to the airport so I don't have to navigate with my bags on the subway/bus.

I wanna go home already.

Nov. 11th, 2009

Helen text


Mmmm...I like the looks of this baby: 

Nov. 1st, 2009

busy vala

NaNoWriMo, claws and mutants.

So, happy National Novel Writing Month, everyone. If anyone out there reading this is participating, feel free to be my writing buddy on the site. I'm ScifiChick2012 as usual. Already got like 1800 something words too, whooo!!!

So Halloween wasn't quite as epic as we'd been hoping, but it was still nice. My costume was fantastic, even got mentioned by Syfy on twitter (Score for me). So, long live Ashley Magnus! (Full sized version available here: twitpic.com/nt33d )

So yeah, after chilling with our friends for a bit, Julie and I got Qdoba and came back to watch "The Hills Have Eyes" which turned out to be more bizarre than scary....and a little too gory, totally lost my appetite. Though that means I've got some chips and most of a burrito chilling in my fridge, which is always a good thing...

So today I've got homework and laundry on my schedule. Not too exciting, but, eh, it's college. Gotta work hard.

Oct. 26th, 2009


Epic Sanctuary Fangirl Win

So...here's the story.

The saying in the latest episode of sanctuary, "Eulogy", that Helen tells Will  - "Nos must amitto vivo in"  and supposedly translates to "We must let go to live on" is basically wrong. I asked my latin teacher about it. That is what you get if you put the english through one of those really bad online latin translators.

The correct translation runs along the lines of "amittere ut vivamus debemus" as I figured out myself, with a little advice from the teach and my 5 years of latin experience.

The following then took place on Twitter:

Me: "According to my Latin teacher, the saying in #Sanctuary 's "Eulogy" should be "ammittere ut vivamus debemus" What up wit dat? @damiankindler"

Damian Kindler: "@ScifiChick2012: I don't believe you have a Latin teacher. It's 2009." (He's the writer of Sanctuary, for those who don't know...)

Me: "@damiankindler Didn't you know? Latin is a zombie language...a few of us out there still keep it barely alive. And we're watching."

Which means DK actually read my tweet....omg. Was. Not. Expecting. That. So awesome!!!

Oct. 24th, 2009

Helen text


I'm still sick as anything. I was a trooper today and made it to class :) Though now I'm glad to be home...

Sanctuary....wow I won't even go into that. There are no words.

So, funny thing happened on the subway today. I ran into someone from my high school. True story. She was standing next to me on the platform at the Park Street stop. i mean...what are the odds of that?! I didn't believe my eyes for a minute (this wasn't someone I knew personally, she was just a bit of a legend, and we do have mutual friends...) but I finally worked up the nerve to tap her on the arm and ask her if she went to Rufus King...then we both proceeded to freak out majorly and get very excited. So that was really cool...

And now I'm curled up in my aunt's guest room, sniffling and sounding utterly pathetic. Time to take some tylenol and get to bed, methinks.

Oct. 17th, 2009

Helen text

And another thing...

I realized I forgot to post this here, for those who aren't following me on Twitter or friending me on Facebook....

So yeah, that's me with the amazing Amanda Tapping. Note the stupid huge grin I've got on my face, which probably has to do with the fact that we have our arms around each other (though you can't tell...) and that I had just given her a massive fangirl hug. And yes, those are my Sam Carter dog tags Im wearing, duh. Epic moment of my life, right there. Epic.

Helen text

End of Nights - Holy crap

Before the spoiler-protection cut, let me just provide a factuary (term coined by the lovely amazing Amanda) to show just how amazing this episode really was:

So my roommate, Julie, hadn't ever actually watched Sanctuary before. She'd heard me blabbering about it so she decided to watch it with me tonight. By the end of the episode....yeah she's hooked.

'Scuse me, I'm ded from squeeCollapse )


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